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Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu

Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu

Chitlang, Kulekhani, and Markhu

Trip Highlights:

  • Country:

  • Duration:
    2 Days / 1 Nights
  • Grade:

  • Max Altitude:
    1835 meters
  • Best:

  • Max. Group Size:
    1 -
  • Hotel: Hotel

  • Transportation:

    As Per Your Need


"Chitlang: Where Nature, Culture, and Adventure Converge – A Comprehensive Tour Guide"

Welcome to Chitlang, a picturesque and serene destination nestled in the lap of nature. This comprehensive overview will provide you with a glimpse of what Chitlang has to offer, making it an excellent addition to your tour website package.

Location and Accessibility: Chitlang is located in the Makwanpur district of Nepal, just a few hours away from the bustling capital city, Kathmandu. The journey to Chitlang takes you through scenic landscapes, charming villages, and winding roads, creating a sense of anticipation and adventure.

Natural Beauty and Landscapes: Chitlang is renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty and diverse landscapes. The lush greenery, rolling hills, terraced farmlands, and tranquil orchards paint a picturesque canvas that delights every visitor. The presence of vibrant flora and fauna adds to the overall charm of the place, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Cultural Richness: Chitlang boasts a rich cultural heritage that dates back centuries. The village is inhabited by the Tamang and Newar communities, each contributing to the colorful tapestry of traditions, festivals, and customs. Visitors have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, interact with friendly locals, and witness traditional ceremonies and rituals.

Outdoor Activities: For adventure seekers, Chitlang offers a range of outdoor activities to choose from:

  1. Hiking and Trekking: Embark on breathtaking hikes and treks that lead to panoramic viewpoints, lush forests, and hidden waterfalls.

  2. Mountain Biking: The hilly terrain provides an exciting playground for mountain biking enthusiasts, with trails suitable for all skill levels.

  3. Boating: Experience serene boating on the pristine Indrasarovar Lake, a tranquil waterbody surrounded by rolling hills.

  4. Bird Watching: Chitlang is home to a variety of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Historical Attractions: Explore the historical landmarks that dot Chitlang's landscape:

  1. Chitlang Village: Wander through the charming village streets, adorned with traditional Newari architecture and intricately carved windows.

  2. Sat Tale Durbar: A historic palace showcasing Newari architecture and offering insights into the region's past.

  3. Kulekhani Reservoir: A man-made reservoir that not only serves as a source of hydroelectricity but also offers stunning views and recreational opportunities.

Accommodation and Cuisine: Chitlang offers a range of accommodation options, from cozy homestays to comfortable guesthouses. Indulge in local cuisine that highlights the flavors of Nepal, with dishes prepared using fresh ingredients sourced from the region.

Conclusion: Chitlang is a hidden gem that promises a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and outdoor adventure. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or an adventure junkie, Chitlang has something for everyone. Your tour website package is incomplete without including this enchanting destination, offering visitors an unforgettable experience in the heart of Nepal's untouched beauty.


Day 1

Drive To Chitlang

Chitlang is 2 hours' drive from Kathmandu. The visitors will be transported to the resort once they arrive in Chitlang. At the hotel, they will have some time to relax and refresh. Visitors can also venture outside to do some sightseeing in the village and surrounding areas. Campfire and music will be organized for entertainment.

Day 2

Chitlang Sightseeing and drive to kathmandu

On the second day of the excursion, breakfast will be provided for the visitors. Travelers are taken to the goat cheese factory, Saat Dhara, Rana Durbar, Ashok Chaitya, and Pear Garden after breakfast. Drive to Markhu after lunch at the resort. Kulekhani boating and departure for Kathmandu.

Cost Details:

Group Size:

Cost Per Person

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N / A

What's Included:

  • All ground transportation service by private vehicle
  • English speaking Government licensed Tour guide
  • 1 Night accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at hotel
  • Government tax and office service charge

What's Excluded:

  • Personal expenses and gear
  • Travel and rescue insurance
  • Mineral water, Drinks and BBQ
  • Mineral water, Drinks and BBQ
  • Mineral water, Drinks and BBQ

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How to obtain visa to travel to Nepal?

You can obtain “VISA” to Nepal through embassy or other diplomatic mission to your country. You can also obtain visa at entry points to Nepal or at the airport in the immigration for merely $40. The extension of visa requires an additional payment of $30. Do not forget to carry some passport size photos with you.

I want to go on a trek. What is the best time and place for it?

Everything you want to do is time and cost specific. Besides, your experience in trekking will also matter. There is wide range of options in Nepal if you want to explore. If you arrive in proper season, that is, between September to November (Autumn Season) and March to May (Spring Season), you might just experience something that you will be able to cherish for the lifetime. The shortest of trek can be Ghorepani Poon Hill trek, Langtang Helambu Trek or the Annapurna Circuit. The Everest trek and the full Annapurna sanctuary Trek can be ideal if you have a little more time. Finally, if you are looking for something that’s longer and more challenging, you’re looking at Kanchanjunga or Makalu area Trek.

What are the best trekking routes?

Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Basecamp, Everest Basecamp, Dhaulagiri Circuit, Manaslu Circuit and Kanchanjunga are the most popular trekking routes in Nepal.

Should I trek with an agency or should I trek alone?

Trekking alone can be a good experience if you are familiar with the terrain and have quite a few experiences in the area. Nobody can drag you down, and you can move at your own pace savoring the pleasant sceneries around to you. However, if it is your first experience or so, you might want to travel in group or with an agency. Should situations like medical emergencies, isolation due to disasters, etc. occur, having a group can be a matter of relief. If you have no group and you’re all by yourselves, you can hire a porter or a guide.

Is communication to our home country possible while on a trek or climb?

Nepal’s communication facilities are getting day by day, and most portions of trekking routes have mobile phone coverage. In case of a climb, VHF or satellite phones are available at the base camp. In both cases, weather can play an important role in communication.

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